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How to create a podcast course

How to Create a Podcast Course

30% off!

Have you been thinking about starting a podcast but don't know where to start? 


Do you feel like you have a message to share with the world? 

Are you looking for another way to gain brand awareness?


Do you have a hobby you'd like to share with others?

I've created this course so you can show up as professionally as possible while also using all FREE softwares while doing it! 

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Half Day & Full Day Brand Photoshoots

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Brand photography is a collection of professional photos that represent your business visually through the use of colors, sets, props, and more. This helps keep your branding consistent and looking its best across all of your marketing materials. It also allows you to make a human connection through your marketing efforts by showing pictures of yourself and ones that best represent you and your personal brand. 

Let's take your brand to the next level! 

Find out what's included in these packages here

New Haven CT Personal Branding Photograp
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Brand Strategy

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As a small business owner, you most likely have all of these great ideas in your head as to what you want your business to look like but don't know how to make it come to life. 

Between determining your brand vision, ideal client, brand voice, and then marketing it all to the world can be a lot more than you thought it would be to start your own business. 

That's what I'm here for! 

As a marketing professional and branding photographer, I can help you create your dream business so you can attract your soul clients through my Brand Strategy program. 

*Bonus* Quarterly Subscriptions

The Quarterly Subscription package offers you 4 Half Day photoshoots in 1 year so your photos can stay updated with your business. Our businesses are constantly changes (as we do) so it's important to make sure that your photos and marketing represent this as well. 

I am offering additional bonuses if you book a Quarterly Subscription package. 

You will receive a FREE 1-hour brand strategy call and 10 extra photos with your first photoshoot!