Finding Peace in the Green Mountains

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Welcome back to my blog!

There are two reasons as to why I started a blog about my hiking and travel adventures. The first being that I wanted to add some personality to my brand so you can get to know me better and the second being that I wanted to show how you can feel at home in your new house (hence my real estate photography) or even on the road and in nature. I'm excited to share this post where I can combine the two.

Photographing Real Estate in Vermont

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to head up to Vermont to take photographs of a summer cottage that would be used for an Airbnb listing. I was even luckier to be able to stay at this cottage for the weekend to enjoy the Green Mountains. I've been dieing to hike in Vermont so this was the perfect opportunity! As soon as I arrived at the house I was instantly relaxed. Breathing in the crisp air of Mother Nature and taking in the peace and quiet put my mind at ease. If I'm photographing a real estate listing by myself I typically put music on to break the silence. But this time I didn't want to. I soaked it all in as much as possible. I truly felt at home here. As I walked around the house snapping pictures I felt my heart smiling and calmness sweeping over my body. It felt so similar to the feeling I get when I stand on top of the summit after a long hike. Oh the way Mother Nature makes me feel. I was so happy to be in that moment.

Hiking the Green Mountains

Not only was I lucky enough to be able to stay the weekend in the cottage but I was also lucky enough to be able to have my friends come up and join me for the weekend. For those of you who do not know, me and Al are no longer together (which has been some time now) but I was very excited to have my best friends join me for a much needed hike. So we packed our Camelbaks and headed for a hike I've always wanted to do, Camel's Hump.

When I think about what I'm going to do in the summer I always thinking about what hikes I want to check off my bucketlist. However, I always forget how much harder it is to hike when it's so hot out! Actually, it's not even the heat but the humidity that makes it harder. But we didn't let that get to us and just trekked along. With an elevation gain of over 2,500 ft, this hike seemed like it was mostly an incline.

You always know you're getting closer to the summit once you hit the alpine zone where the trees get smaller and the views start peaking through.

And then we made it to the summit where we were able to experience AMAZING 360 degree views of the Green Mountains. I now understand why they are called the Green Mountains! Holy cow are they green! It was absolutely beautiful. On a clear day you can see Mount Washington (highest peak in NH, which we all hiked last fall), Mount Marcy (highest peak in NY, which I backpacked), and Mount Mansfield (highest peak in VT). We spent a good hour or so up on the summit just taking them in. The peace that you feel on top of the summit of any mountain is so hard to explain but one of my favorite feelings. A feeling that once again, makes you feel at home.

The way back definitely makes a good story. We had the option to either go back the way we came or loop around. We figured why not take a different scenic route and do the loop? However, we didn't pay attention to the map so much and ended up going at least a mile and a half in the wrong direction. We technically took the right trail name we just went in the wrong direction. :) At this point we thought we were getting closer to the end but instead had to backtrack to get on the right trail. No one was happy at this point which led to a bit of silence on the way back. All 5 of us are avid hikers.... this doesn't happen to us. But there's a first time for everything and we got to see some epic views that we wouldn't have seen otherwise. :) As soon as we got back on the right trail we were over it and continued to enjoy the rest of the hike back.

One of my favorite things about hiking in new areas is trying new restaurants while I'm there. It was recommended to me from a few people to check out Prohibition Pig so we made sure to make the stop. And it was definitely worth it! There's nothing like some delicious food and a tasty beer after a big hike.

Final Thoughts

This trip was surprisingly eyeopening in ways that I wouldn't have expected it to be. First, starting off enjoying the peace and quiet when photographing the listing and then feeling full of positivity and happiness throughout the weekend. There's nothing like being surrounded by loved ones while also doing something you love. The whole weekend I felt like my heart was smiling. I was in my happy place with people who make me happy. What's better than that? I remember going home after that weekend feeling on top of the world. Between having the opportunity to photograph a beautiful cottage listing, enjoy a big hike, and creating memories with my best friends I had a great weekend.

Actually, this weekend trip was a test run for my vacation coming up! The 5 of us are heading to Ecuador for a 2 week vacation where we will be hiking and exploring the beautiful country. I couldn't be more excited to experience this with my best friends. Stay tuned so you can experience it with us.

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