How to Get the Right Lighting for Outdoor Photography

Lighting is one of the hardest things to get right when it comes to photography so I wanted to let you in on a few bonus tips when it comes to getting the shot!

The best place to start is outdoors because there's nothing like some good ole' natural light. It honestly makes such a difference with your photos and if you don't have a professional camera starting with natural light will be the best thing for you.

1. Timing

The time of the day is crucial when taking your photos! Even though we're all mostly out and about in the middle of the day it's actually the WORST time to take photos. Have you ever heard of golden hour? Golden hour is within the hour right after sunrise and an hour before sunset where you get this AMAZING golden glow in your photos. Who doesn't want to look like a golden goddess? Trust me, I understand that it's not always so easy going out at this exact time to take photos so here are some other times in case you can't!

2. Find some shade

As much as we all like to have a specific background in our photos, it's not always the best option if the lighting isn't right. But there's plenty of shady spots that also look just as good! In this photo here, I took Megan in the middle of the jungle where there were plenty of tall trees to block the harsh afternoon sun but where it was still bringing in plenty of natural light. We don't all need to be in Costa Rica to find something this beautiful but I did appreciate the setting for sure!

3. Keep the sun behind you

No one wants a picture of themselves squinting! Make sure to keep the sun behind you when you're getting your photo taken so it's not blinding you. That can be distracting! But also try to keep the sun behind a tall tree or building so it's not blinding the camera as well!

So go out there and get those shots so you can represent your brand in the best light! See what I did there ;)

And remember, I’m here for you and want to see you succeed so never hesitate to reach out!

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