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Brand Strategist

Helping women entrepreneurs find clarity, establish, and grow their brands so they can attract their soul clients

Brand Strategy

As a small business owner, you most likely have all of these great ideas in your head as to what you want your business to look like but don't know how to make it come to life. 

Between determining your brand vision, ideal client, brand voice, and then marketing it all to the world can be a lot more than you thought it would be to start your own business. 

That's what I'm here for! 

As an ex-corporate marketer and branding photographer, I can help you create your dream business so you can attract your soul clients! 

“Some dream it, some do it, some do both.”
― Walt Disney

Do you find yourself: 

  • Not knowing what a brand actually is (besides colors and fonts) and why it’s important to create one? 

  • Feeling confused and overwhelmed when it comes to branding and marketing?

  • Constantly changing who your ideal client is and how you can help them? 

  • Loving what you do but unsure as to how you stand out from the crowd? 

  • Having a hard time creating engaging content to attract your ideal clients? 

  • Not knowing how to convey your brand in your marketing? 

  • Running into self doubt worrying if this all even makes sense? 

  • Wanting to take control of your business and brand with confidence?

Brand Coach
When we work together, you'll: 
Brand Strategist

Feel relieved knowing what your brand stands for and how you can serve others 

Find clarity on your story and who you specifically work with 

Understand what makes you different from your competition 

Have a clear marketing strategy that works best for your business and brand

Be able to create engaging content to get the attention of your ideal clients 

Have accountability within your business and brand

Feel confident in your brand and build your dream business

Here's my story...

As you may know by now I am a brand photographer but what you might not know is that I actually come from a Marketing background.

I graduated from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT with my BS in Marketing and did all the things. Held 5 internships throughout my undergrad, worked in corporate Marketing for 7 years, and then decided to take the entrepreneurial path and start my own brand photography business. 

However, when I created it I knew I wasn't going to do just photography... hence why I named my business Kaitlyn Casso Creations. I knew there was going to be more in me. Every time I am planning out my client's photoshoots (or even just talking about their business in general) I can't help myself but always give marketing and branding advice. 

It took me a while to realize how much I took for granted the fact that I had this marketing and branding experience before starting my own business. Now I love being able to help other entrepreneurs create their dream brands through coaching and photography so they can attract their soul clients. 

Through my Inspired by HER Brand strategy program, you have the opportunity to discover your brand vision, find clarity within your brand, grow your business through specific marketing strategies, and have your very own brand photoshoot.  

You have a gift and it's time to stand out in your industry. 

In order to stand out, you need to get crystal clear on your brand so you can create strategic marketing plans in order to attract your soul clients. 

And we'd get there with this 4 step process: 

  1. Discover Your Brand Vision: What is the destination for your clients? Where do you want them to go with you?

  2. Find Clarity Within Your Brand: Get crystal clear on what you do, who you serve, and how you do it differently than others 

  3. Create a Strategic Marketing Plan: Market yourself consistently and strategically across specific platforms that work for your brand

  4. Personal Branding Photoshoot: Show up as your best self so you can truly connect with your audience while looking as professional as possible. 

Brand Strategist for Small Businesses

Brand Strategy is for you if you want to...

  • Take your brand to the next level so that you can attract your soul clients

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed with all of your ideas and start creating game plans

  • Represent your brand authentically so you can stand out from competition 

  • Stop procrastinating and start having accountability 

  • Turn your dream business into your reality 

Let's create your dream brand...

Voxer Coaching

Download Voxer (a walkie-talkie/ text app) and message me as frequently as you want for 7, 14, or 30 days.

Launching something new and want some extra help while building it out? 

Creating an email funnel and want me to guide you through each template?

Trying to get familiar with social media and want the accountability while doing it? 

I'm here to help guide you through it all!

Intensive Call

This is a one-time 60 or 90-minute intensive call to talk to a specific branding topic. Whether you want to dig into one marketing platform, one marketing/branding topic, a new launch/program, or pick my brain overall this can help give your brand a jumpstart.  

Inspired by HER Brand Strategy

This is a high level brand coaching program to help you create your dream brand and take your business to the next level. You will receive 12 weekly one-on-one calls, access to me all week, and a brand photoshoot to bring everything together. 


Richelle J.

"Kaitlyn's Brand Strategy program was instrumental in rebranding my business. It also showed me what I truly lacked in my prior business (no brand or brand strategy). I had a very basic understanding of how to create a brand, and it was mainly based on colors/fonts/visual aspects- this program taught me SO much more about how to build a brand that supports the message and values of my business. The work we did felt like a true partnership, and the information/takeaways from the call were very helpful! To top it off, the brand photoshoot was perfect! Kaitlyn has a natural way of making you feel comfortable when getting photos taken, and she helps plan every minute of the photoshoot to ensure your brand is being highlighted in the best way possible! I would highly recommend Kaitlyn for her brand strategy and photoshoot services!"

CT Brand Photographer

"I did Kaitlyn’s 12 week Brand Strategy program and half day photoshoot. I cannot say enough how transformative this was for my new business. I had an idea in my head and nothing else really started. Kaitlyn had a clear plan for branding as well as marketing! From my website, email campaigns and building my IG audience, we did it all! The brand photos were crisp, clean and bright. It would have taken me a year to accomplish what we did together in 12 weeks. I miss our weekly calls. If your business needs structure, accountability and fresh content she is your person! I love that she offers various levels depending on your finances and needs."

Lindsey H.

"My recent brand strategy call with Kaitlyn was exactly what I needed! I know where I’m at with my business and where I want it to go and I think of Kaitlyn as my “Kaitlyn bridge“ -to help me take my ideas from where I’m at now to where I want to be. Kaitlyn helps me organize my thoughts and ideas and create a plan to get where I want my business to go, what I want to offer, and how to do it. I’m so grateful for her and her knowledge, guidance, and expertise!"

Kimmarie C.

"I enjoyed my branding call with Kaitlyn. Before our call, she sent me various questions to get to know me and my business. This helped narrow our call and we focused on my specific needs. I loved brainstorming with her and honestly could talk to her forever. Her personality is just what she portrays online and I enjoyed talking to her. She is really creative, knowledgable, and truly helps you get to the core of your brand identity with ease! Thank you so much! :)"

Jessica B.

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