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Hi, I'm Kaitlyn!

Brand Photographer, Brand Strategist, and Boudoir Photographer in CT 
Brand Photographer in CT

Ever since I was little I was always so intrigued with the business world. I would always catch myself gravitating towards movies and shows that revolved around working in some sort of business (most likely in NYC) and still do! 

So I decided to attend Sacred Heart University where I held 5 internships and graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Marketing. Shortly after that I took on the corporate world by finding a full time job where I handle all of the marketing (yes, literally everything you can think of marketing wise) of a corporate housing company. 

Within my first year of working there, I started to get a new found appreciation for photography. Since I was constantly outsourcing all of their photography to use on their website, social media, print materials, emails, etc, I decided to look into doing photography myself. So on a Black Friday I picked up my first DSLR camera, signed up for some adult learning photography classes at night, and the rest is history!

Soon enough, not only was I doing ALL of their marketing but I was also photographing over 300 apartments throughout the Northeast. 

At the time, I had some great colleagues who saw my potential and pushed me to start my own side business doing both marketing and photography for other small business owners (this was before I even knew brand photography was a thing). 

After working at that company for over 5 years and building my small business for 4, I realized how much I LOVED focusing on my own small business and how I needed to make this dream of doing it full-time a reality. 

At that same time, I started to feel called to share other women's stories through photography and through my Inspired by HERstory podcast (I have since put this on hold but there's still some great episodes to listen to). At first, I didn't know exactly what I meant by sharing their stories through photography until I shared this with another photographer. She then looked at me and said, "oh so it sounds like you want to do brand photography". 

"Brand photography?!? OMG tell me more!"

Once she explained exactly what it was, I instantly knew this was my future. 

It's literally the perfect merging of all things I love AND have experience in. Marketing, branding, photography, storytelling, inspiring, empowering.... all the things! 

And that's when I decided to take my small business full-time with a whole new shift! 

I didn't have to decide between focusing on marketing or photography. I'm able to do them both! 

CT Personal Branding Photographer

I literally feel like brand photography was built for me. I absolutely LOVE being able to help other women entrepreneurs showcase themselves in the best light possible to attract their dream clients. 

Digging into my clients brands to understand what their brand represents and how they want to be portrayed is one of my favorite things to do. I love taking this information and turning it all into visual content that they can use across all of their marketing to truly SHOW UP as their brand.  

Not only do I get to have my own dream business but I get to help other women show up and create their own as well. 

So that's my story and how I got to where I am today! 

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