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Mini Brand Photoshoots at the Quantum Up-level Retreat with Ashley Gordon

At the very beginning of May I had the most amazing opportunity to be a part of Ashley Gordon's, otherwise known as the Quantum Coach, Up-Level Retreat by doing mini brand photoshoots of each of the participants in the retreat. If you've been following me for sometime, then you already know how much I love being a part of retreats and, especially, having the opportunity to photograph them. This is actually where my brand photography career started!

When Ashley inquired with me back in February, she explained how she decided to host a retreat for the participants in her Quantum Coaching Academy so they can get more of an intimate experience working with her and being surrounded by others in the program.

Not only did they get to stay in this beautiful airbnb in North Haven, CT and have a private chef all weekend but they also had the opportunity to attend the She Who Wins Summit which is an annual women's conference in CT meant to inspire, motivate and challenge you. And actually, I attended too! Because how could I not?!

Each day of the Quantum Up-Level Retreat, Ashley had a theme to go off of. With that being said, I was there for content creation day where I worked alongside an amazing videographer capturing specific photos and videos to showcase each individual brands authentic message.

Before each mini session I made sure to do what I always do before working with new clients (even if I literally had 20 seconds to figure out how I wanted to capture each brand in their own way). I asked them the following questions:

  1. What does your brand represent? Or how do you want your clients to feel when working with you / looking at your marketing? Ex. confident, peaceful, powerful, understood, light, free, etc

  2. Are there any specific photos you're looking for? Do you have a launch coming up?

  3. Where are you planning on using your photos?

  4. What kind of content do you plan on creating?

  5. Is there a certain location/spot that you would love your photos in?

So even though I only had a half hour for each mini session (and this was split up between photos and videos) I made sure to still ask these questions so we can make their session as specific as possible for them rather than treating them all the same. Because that's what brand photography is all about ... whether you're doing a full or mini session :).

I had such an amazing time meeting these 12 women and getting to know them and their brands even if it was in a short period of time. As an entrepreneur myself, I am constantly looking for opportunities to meet other women small business owners because there is nothing else like it. Each and every time I leave being inspired and motivated to keep doing what I'm doing so that I can truly continue building my dream business and living my dream life.

I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and feel honored to have been a part of such a great event. I only hope that more opportunities like this will come my way so I can meet even more inspiring women and so I can continue to help them build their dream brands.

Check out the photos below for a little sneak peek of what was captured during all 12 mini sessions!



I help women find clarity and confidence within themselves and their brands through personal branding photography and coaching. As an ex-corporate marketer I focus on really digging into my clients brands to determine what their brands represent and how they are different from others so that we can find unique ways to help my them stand out and show up confidently. It is my ultimate goal to help my clients build their dream brands so they can live their dream lives.



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