What is Brand Photography and Where Would I Use It?

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

What is Brand Photography?

Brand photography is a collection of professional photos that represent your business visually through the use of colors, sets, props, and more. This helps keep your branding consistent and looking it’s best across all of your marketing materials. It also allows you to make human connection through your marketing efforts by showing pictures of yourself and ones that best represent your personal brand. When someone makes the decision on if they should use someones products or services they want to feel like they resonate with them beforehand. Once they feel that connection a relationship is built and once that relationship is built sales happen.

Here are some ideas on what your brand photo shoot would showcase and where you can use these photos.

CT Brand Photographer

What Photos Are Taken at a Brand Photo Shoot

You and Your Team

When owning your own business you want others to feel connected with you as much as possible. What’s the best way to do that? By showcasing you and your team, of course! Showing your face and personality is going to help others feel like they already know you which will help with building a relationship. It's also going to show what the company culture is like and how awesome it would be to work with you and your brand.

Your Products & Services

Not only is it important to get to know you and your team more but also seeing your products and services as well. When people get to actually see examples of your products or services they have a much better understanding of what you can provide them. Demonstrating how to use your product or how your team provides your services is exactly what they want to see so they know if it’s a good match.

CT Yoga Retreat Photographer

Your Work Space

If you provide a service where clients come to you then it’s a great idea to give them a sneak peak of where they would be using your services. It helps give them a taste of your space and a feel for the atmosphere that you provide. If you don’t have clients come to your location, that’s okay! It’s still a great idea to show off where you handle business and spend most of your days.

Who You Are Outside of Your Business

The best way to connect with others is to show them who you really are outside of your business. Even entrepreneurs have a life outside of their business. ;) What are your hobbies? What do you do on the weekends? What speaks to your soul? If they see that they have a common ground with you then they’re instantly feel that connection. And that’s what brand photography is all about! Making the human to human connection. If I were to see someone doing yoga or going on a hike I would instantly think, “that’s my girl!”. ;)

Where to Use Your Photos From the Brand Photo Shoot


The first place everyone goes to when looking up a business is their website so it’s most important to show your best images there. You can’t have pictures from a cell phone on your website! Professional photos make such a difference and are instantly noticeable to the viewer. Using your photos from the brand photo shoot in your “About Me” page, “Services” (hence taking photos of you doing the work), and even the “Pricing” page (to help lighten up the context a bit) can really provide value to your website. They want to see you, who you are, and what can you provide to them.