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What's the Difference Between a Brand Photographer, Portrait Photographer, and Headshot Photographer

Updated: May 25, 2023

Brand photography is a niche of photography that might not be the most known form of photography. That's why I always feel like it's my duty to inform others what brand photography is and how it is different from all other forms of photography.

Most people have heard of (or even used) other photographers such as a wedding and/or family photographer but as soon as I share that I'm a personal branding photographer I always make sure to jump into what that actually means.

Brand photography is a form of photography that helps businesses showcase who they specifically are and how they stand out from others. This helps potential clients see why they would want to work with them verses someone else. We do this by strategically planning out photoshoots using a variety of locations, wardrobe, props, key shots, poses, and emotions that are unique to their brand.

The first photographer some people might think of using is either a portrait photographer (because that's who they've worked with before) or by simply just doing headshots because that's what big corporations typically do.

However, doing a brand photoshoot will give you the final results you're looking for.... showing value, building trust with your audience, and converting them into customers.

Because don't forget, a brand is the personality of your business. That's why it's so important to build a brand so you can show others what it's like working with you and how they will feel when working with you. This is what differentiates you from others ultimately making you the best option.

So let's get into what the biggest differences are between a brand photographer, portrait photographer, and headshot photographer!

Style of Images

Portrait: Images just of you in different poses usually in 1 location

Headshots: Usually chest up looking at the camera (more professional)

Brand Photography: A collection of photos with a variety of poses, outfits, locations, and props to showcase what you do for your business and how you stand out from others. This is especially used to connect with your prospective clients and build relationships with your audience.

The Process

Portrait: Pick a date, a time, show up and shoot

Headshots: Pick a date, a time, show up and shoot

Brand Photography: A big part of a brand photoshoot is digging into the brand to determine all of their brand themes, what they do, who they work with, and how they do it differently than others. We do all of this through a Brand Questionnaire, a Pinterest Vision Board, and a Photoshoot Planning Call to make sure we can create a photoshoot very specific to you and your brand. During the photoshoot planning call we will plan out everything from different locations to wardrobe to props to key shots to get during the shoot. Everything is very planned out which means it can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks just to plan.

Types of images

Portrait: Photos of just you in a variety of photos looking cute in 1-2 outfits with different expressions and poses

Headshots: Usually just chest up in a few different poses looking straight at the camera smiling.

Brand Photography: Strategic images in a variety of outfits using props and specific poses to portray the feelings and emotions that your brand represents. These are planned to be used for specific content and marketing platforms.


Portrait: Typically stays in 1 specific area in a certain pose for a longer period of time getting multiple a variety of shots of that pose.

Headshots: Typically stays in one spot

Brand Photography: Always moves quick. In order to get a variety of poses for a variety of content we move quick. This is why planning is so important to really narrow down on the specific shots you are looking for and how you will use them.


Portrait: Typically around $300-$600

Headshots: Starting at $150

Brand Photography: Typically $500-$3,000 (or more)

Number of Images

Portrait: Anywhere from 20-75 photos (only in a couple of outfits at the same location)

Headshots: 1-5 images

Brand Photography: Anywhere from 10-100 unique images (variety of outfits, locations, poses, and props)

Working with a brand photographer is more than working with someone who's just going to take cute pictures of you. It's working with someone who takes the time to really get to know your brand and determine what the best way is to bring it out so you can start attracting your soul clients.

So if you're ready to make that leap and start showing up as your brand, let's set up a time to chat so I can help you do so!



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