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CT Boudoir Photographer
Middletown CT Boudoir Photographer
Boudoir Photographer in CT

“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.”

- Emma Stone


Ready to Feel Empowered?!

Here's How It Works


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Milford CT Boudoir Photographer

Photography, and boudoir photography in particular has been a huge source of confidence, though I’m not even sure that word encompasses what I am trying to communicate. It has been an experience in growth, getting to know myself, being comfortable as me, doing things for myself unapologetically…. The list goes on. I just can’t recommend it enough. And the time is now. Don’t wait until you think you’re beautiful. You’re beautiful now! Let your photographer help you to see that."

- Phoenix M.

  • Is boudoir for me?
    Boudoir is for everyone or should we say everyBODY! I truly believe that boudoir photography is meant to empower women to love and appreciate their bodies that they have been given no matter what stage you are at in life. Our bodies go through so much just to even survive each day. We deserve to celebrate them and show them off! I work with women of all ages and sizes. Everyone deserves that boost of confidence and to see how amazing their bodies truly are.
  • Will you help me with posing?
    100%! I don't expect you to know how to pose at all! I will guide you into each pose while even demonstrating myself. This isn't meant for you to have experience in. It's meant for you to enjoy and receive :)
  • What's your editing process like?
    My editing style is a light bright and airy look as you can see in my gallery. I do not custom edit any of my photos so it is important for you to like what you see on my website because that is the way your photos will be edited. I typically do add in black and white photos as well as silhoettes if that's something that you like. I do simple retouching such as removing blemishes and softening skin but I do not make you look like another person. You are beautiful the way you are and deserve to be shown that way.
  • Will you help me prepare for my shoot?
    All the way! We will start off with a questionnaire so I understand you and what you're looking for even more. Then I will be sending over hair and makeup artist recommendations so you can get your glam on. From there we'll have a photoshoot planning call to plan out everything from wardrobe to props to key shots!

Don't just take it from me...

"Kaitlyn is such an amazing artist with her photography. We met at an artist showcase a few years ago and she's done a brand photoshoot for me and also a boudoir photoshoot. Both occasions Kaitlyn was so professional but also upbeat and gave off such a fun, exciting energy that made me feel relaxed and excited. Both shoots I received such beautiful photos that you can tell she just puts her heart and soul into her business. I could not recommend Kaitlyn more!!!"

- Isabella P.

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