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Brand Photoshoot with Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Violet Giannone

Violet reached out to me back in January of this year ready for her brand photoshoot for her pediatric sleep consultant business, Sleep Baby Sleep, as well as her second business being the Institute of Pediatric Sleep & Parenting. And I have to say, Violet put in the work to make sure her brand photoshoot was exactly what she envisioned for her brand!

During our initial conversation, she shared with me how she loved the light and bright look with neutrals surrounding her (which was perfect since that's my style ;)) so we immediately booked The Apiary Studio in Hartford, CT because I knew that would give her exactly what she was hoping for.

About a month before her photoshoot we did her Photoshoot Planning Call where we discussed everything from location to wardrobe to props to key shots so we could plan out the entire photoshoot to be as prepared as possible. During this call we decided to start at her own house so we could utilize her bedroom setup since this is definitely important when talking about sleep! From there we would head over to The Apiary for 3 hours to capture a majority of the "content" type photos and then end in Blue Back Square in West Hartford, CT to make a stop at Barnes and Noble (to show off her book there) and the Delamar Hotel.

Not only that but we also spent a ton of time discussing specific content that she would like to share on social media, her website, courses, and other marketing materials so we could capture photos to represent that. This helped her decide on what props to bring as well as what outfits to wear. And, again, she did the work! She brought ALL the props and really dedicated a lot of time getting the outfits just right!

Because that's the things. Doing a brand photoshoot does take work but if you take the time to do it right your brand is going to thank you! Your audience is going to see how professional you truly are and get so much out of the content (photos) we created. It's not just about taking pretty photos. It's about representing your brand in the best light possible and attracting your dream clients. It's about showing up and proving why someone should work with you vs. someone else.

I had SO much fun working with Violet and I am OBSESSED with the final photos! Check out what we captured during her Full Day brand photoshoot below and how her experience was in her own words!


"I had an absolutely phenomenal experience with Kaitlyn for my branding photoshoot. From the prep work to make sure we have every detail just right, to the photoshoot and the final photos--everything was absolutely amazing! I can't say enough amazing things about this experience and I have received such amazing compliments about the photos. Everywhere I go people stop me to tell me how amazing my photos looked. Most importantly, the photos elevated my business. My branding is cohesive, professional and just looks "rich". The photos tell my story, help sell my services, and help me stand out from my competition. If you're thinking about hiring a branding photographer, do yourself a favor and hire Kaitlyn. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! And the photos will pay for themselves, I promise you your business will soar as a result of your new photos." - Violet Giannone


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