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Why I Got Into Boudoir Photography

Often when I tell people that I do boudoir photography I get this look from people that’s like, “Ouuuu you naughty girl ;)”. But that’s not necessarily how I look at boudoir photography. Yes, it can be very sexy and intimate but it’s also so empowering and up-lifting.

Let’s start from the beginning.

When I created my brand back in 2019 I knew that some of my brand themes had to be women empowerment and helping other women feel confident in themselves. Why is this?! Because I have definitely had periods in my life where I never thought my body was “good enough” and that something always had to be changed. And a big one for me…. An ex-boyfriend who would tell me to hide my body because he didn’t want any other guys looking at me.

As I started working with other women entrepreneurs through my brand photography I was so excited to do what I could in order to help them feel confident during their photoshoots (and still am!).

Then one day, I received a Facebook message from someone referred by an old colleague of mine…. “Hey, I’m looking for a photographer to take some nude photos of me.” Nude photos?! Oh my god?! Really?! That was my initial thought.

After having a bigger conversation with her I learned what was behind the reasoning of this. She recently left a very toxic relationship where she was told something similar to me (but even worse) that her body wasn’t good enough and that she needed to make it better. After learning even more than that I knew I had to work with her and I had to get out of my comfort zone to do this nude photoshoot.

I sat there behind my computer and thought, “Kaitlyn, this is exactly what your brand stands for. You’ve created your brand around the fact of lifting up other women and helping them feel confident in their bodies in any way possible. You talk about getting out of your comfort zone through your podcast! This is your brand.”

This nude shoot’s purpose wasn’t to sexualize my client. This shoot was to empower her and to love and appreciate herself just the way she is.

And while she is doing that for herself it is also helping other women feel empowered about themselves at the same time.

So I went ahead and did the shoot and man can I tell you how empowered I felt! I literally felt on top of the world after this shoot and I was just the one taking the photos.

That’s when I knew I had to do more shoots like this. I wanted to feel like this even more and I wanted my clients too as well! And then I found out about boudoir photography.

As I’ve been building my brand photography and strategy business I have also been building my boudoir photography business as well because they really go hand-in-hand with each other.

I have brand clients do boudoir photoshoots with me! I have had brand clients incorporate boudoir/nude photography in their brand photoshoots! And that’s because, boudoir to me, is all about empowering women to love themselves just as they are. It’s about reminding themselves that they are BADASS and that it's okay to show the world that.

And the thing about boudoir is that you can do it however you want! Think about what makes you feel empowered? Is it wearing a sexy dress, a loose sweater drooping over your shoulder, lingerie, a bra and pantie set, a blazer with nothing underneath, just a sheet, or nothing at all? I have literally done it all because it is so different for everyone and that's what I love about it. There's no one size fits all. It's however you envision it.

Society makes women feel like they need to have a certain body type starting at such a young age. It makes women feel like we need to always “be better”. It makes women feel like we’re supposed to hide their bodies.

And I am here to tell you, screw society! You are amazing just the way you are!

It’s time to take our power back and feel like our best selves. It’s time to empower other women to do the same so we can change the message of society.

It’s time to book that boudoir session so you can be reminded how amazing you truly are.

Let's chat so I can share more about my process and make sure I can make this the best experience for you! Fill out this form so we can set up a time!

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