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Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable 

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A podcast to inspire, motivate, encourage, and empower women (and men) to step out of their comfort zones and do things they have always wanted to do. Whether it's owning their own business, experiencing something new, or making a major life change.


Kaitlyn Casso is a brand and travel photographer who is inspired to encourage other women to follow their dreams and make the most out of their lives. While telling her own stories and those of inspirational women she hopes to let souls connect and adventures to unwind. 

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Jaime Sargent-podcast

December 18th, 2019

24: Creating Human Connection Through Music & Mental Health Awareness with Jaime Sargent

On today’s episode of Inspired by HERstory is Jaime Ileana Sargent. Jaime is the co-owner and creator of Horriblyright, hard rock band turned dyad.

One of Jaime Ileana’s lifelong passions has been to enhance the realms of fashion. She evolved her distinctive vision with her previous partner, by creating the fashion line with a soundtrack; Horriblyright.

She began modeling as a hobby with photographers she was friendly with. Her current interest in modeling is displaying the nude human body in a beautiful way in order to promote body positivity and destroy the negative stigma surrounding nudity in general.

While she still is creating clothing and pursuing music, Jaime has parted ways with Horriblyright in order to embark on a new path. Rebranding herself as a woman and an artist who promotes "uncomfortable" honestly, vulnerability, mental health awareness, self-love, and self-expression without boundaries.

During this episode Jaime talks more about:

1. How she connects with others through her music
2. How she plans on sharing her experiences with mental health
3. And her experience working with me during her nude photoshoot

Jaime Sargent

Eric Rey-podcast

November 27th, 2019

21: Spreading Love Through HIS Passions with Eric Rey

Today on the “Inspired by HISstory” segment we have Eric L Rey. Eric is a dynamic speaker and facilitator with exceptionally high emotional intelligence and a talent for bringing people together. He began his career working with men and women returning home from incarceration to help them find the basics like a job and housing to more elusive things fulfillment, and resilience.


While Eric continues that work today he also serves as a coach to nonprofit executives, and is a mediator and a trainer. Creating spaces of inclusion and safety are his strengths and reflect his passion for people.

During this episode Eric talks more about:

1. What led him to become a coach

2. How hiking Machu Picchu led to his personal transformation

3. And how he finds a way to spread love through his passions

(Photo credit: Maza Rey Photography)


Eric Rey

Melissa Delport-podcast

November 6th, 2019

18: Eating Yourself to Health with Melissa Delport

On today’s episode of “Inspired by HERstory is Melissa Delport. Melissa is a photographer, food stylist, holistic health coach and cookbook author of WHOLE - bowl food for balance with Penguin Random House. The book is all about healing your relationship with food through mindful and intuitive eating.

After years of fad dieting Melissa discovered the path to health and well being and shares it through the book and her social platforms today. She works directly with clients remotely or one on one to support them in achieving their health goals and believes food is medicine. Diagnosed with PCOS Melissa set out to put her symptoms into remission with diet and lifestyle and achieved hormonal balance through making healthier choices. Melissa's goal is to show women that food isn't the enemy and nor is our bodies and if we nourish ourselves in all areas of our lives balance and happiness awaits.

During this episode, Melissa talks more about:

  1. How she got to where she is today

  2. How to eat yourself to health

  3. And how she hopes she can change the perspective of food to women


Melissa Delport

Julia Tsoy-Podcast

October 16th, 2019

15: Traveling the World HERself & Through Others

On today’s episode of “Inspired by HERstory” is Julia Tsoy. I met Julia during a photography workshop that I attended in Alberta Canada. During this trip, I had the opportunity to really bond with Julia where we were able to share our travel stories with each other.


I was so amazed by her travels that I knew I had to have her on my podcast to share them with the world. If you think I’ve been to some cool places… just wait until you hear her stories!

During this episode Julia shares more on:

  1. Some of her favorite travel experiences

  2. How she continues her travels through the eyes of others

  3. And how she continues to push herself out of her comfort zone each and every day



Julia Tsoy


September 25th, 2019

12: Part II: Finding Confidence in the Music Industry with Ray Vans

Today on the “Inspired by HISstory” segment we have Part II with Ray Vanacore… otherwise known as Ray Vans. Ray is a musician and mechanical engineer. For the last 9 years, he has been making rap music and is just now starting to find his place within the music industry.

On this weeks episode Ray continues taking us on his journey where he talks more about:

  1. How rapping has impacted his life

  2. What he hopes his songs can do for others

  3. And a big announcement that you don’t want to miss!



Ray Vans


September 4th, 2019

09: Exploring the White Mountains & Acadia National Park

Today’s KC Chats episode is kinda like a travel journal but so much more than that. During this episode, I talk about 


  1. My recent hiking trip where I went to the White Mountains in New Hampshire and Acadia National Park in Maine

  2. A very special surprise that happened during our trip

  3. And how I got out of my comfort zone doing something I already love to do 


I have to say, there’s some good stuff at the end so you’ll want to listen all the way through!



Kaitlyn Casso


August 14th, 2019

06: Making the Decision to Get Uncomfortable with Alyssa Kowcz

I met Alyssa during a local yoga retreat where we bonded over my 3 favorite things…. hiking, traveling, and photography. About a month after this retreat I came across an amazing opportunity to attend a photography workshop by a travel photographer I admired. This workshop was absolutely perfect as it was being held in Alberta and British Columbia Canada and involved hiking the best National Parks in the area, living in an RV for the week, and of course learning from 2 amazing travel photographers. Since these were also the things I bonded over with Alyssa I instantly thought of her and convinced her to join me. 

I am so excited to share with you her thoughts before attending the photography workshop and after to really show how stepping out of your comfort zone can truly create amazing life experiences.  


Alyssa Kowcz


July 24th, 2019

Do you ever dream about quitting your job and just travel the world? I certainly have! It honestly is a possibility for me one day but Thais took that possibility and turned it into a reality. 


I was lucky enough to meet Thais when I was photographing a yoga retreat in Costa Rica and felt so inspired once I heard her story that I knew I had to share it with the world. 


Join us as we sit in the middle of the jungle (animals and all) as Thais shares her story on how she left her 9 to 5 job to travel the world to truly live her life to the fullest.


Thais Artigas


July 5th, 2019

Welcome to the “Inspired by HERstory” podcast. Find out more on what I'll be sharing with you throughout my journey as a travel and brand photographer. 


Kaitlyn Casso

Inspired by HERstory podcast-nude photog

December 11th, 2019

23: KC Chats: Feeling Empowered Through Nude Photography

On today’s KC Chat’s segment I talk about a recent experience that got me completely out of my comfort zone but was one of the most empowering experiences I’ve ever had. I had someone reach out to me about photographing a nude shoot which was something I have never done before or even thought about doing. But after thinking more about it I knew this was exactly what I needed to do for so many reasons.

During this episode I talk more about:

1. What made me decide to move forward with this photoshoot
2. How taking on a new challenge can take you to the next level
3. And how I found empowerment through body positivity


Kaitlyn Casso

Sandra Brooks-podcast

November 20th, 2019

20: HER Journey of Serving Others with Sandra Brooks

On today’s episode of Inspired by HERstory is Sandra Brooks. Sandra comes from a unique background and education. From dermatology to police officer to lash artist, her ultimate goal is to constantly serve others.

After working in dermatology for 10 years and the police force for 20, Sandra is now the owner of Lashes at Length where she specializes in custom semi-permanent eyelash extensions, lash lifts and tints, and brow tinting for professional, corporate, and lash addicted clients.

In this episode, Sandra talks more about:

1. How she keeps herself motivated

2. Her passion for helping others

3. And how life experiences have gotten her to where she is today


Sandra Brooks

Lisy Pitruzzella-podcast

October 30th, 2019

17: Regaining Control Over Your Life with Lisy Pitruzzella

On today’s episode of “Inspired by HERstory” is Lisy Pitruzzella. Lisy is a 28 year old extroverted Italian/American living in New York City.


She is the host of "Found Family Podcast" and an OCD Recovery, Personal Development, and Lifestyle blogger. Her podcast and blog were created for one purpose - to be your resource center: a place where you can learn more about yourself, discover new things, connect with others who are going through the same things you're going through, and a place that will equip you with the tools to overcome the demons in your mind.

During this episode Lisy talks more about:

  1. What made her decide to transition into the mental health industry

  2. Why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help

  3. And how she hopes to empower others to regain control of their lives

Follow along during her journey on: 

Twitter: @ElisabethVibes  

Podcast: Found Family Podcast 


Lisy Pitruzzella

Keeley Moffitt-podcast

October 9th, 2019

14: Figuring Out HER Purpose Through Photography with Keeley Moffitt

On today’s episode of “Inspired by HERstory” is Keeley Moffitt. Keeley is a destination wedding and elopement photographer who also loves traveling (just as much as me), lifting, and puppies of course.

During this episode Keeley touches on:

  1. 1. What made her get into photography

  2. 2. How others can get comfortable with getting their picture taken

  3. 3. And she really opens up on how she figured out her true purpose in life



Keeley Moffitt


September 18th, 2019

11: Part I: Finding Confidence in the Music Industry with Ray Vans

Today on the “Inspired by HISstory” segment we have Ray Vanacore… otherwise known as Ray Vans. Ray is a musician and mechanical engineer. For the last 9 years, he has been making rap music and is just now starting to find his place within the music industry. Garnering over one million streams in 2018 on Spotify alone, Ray is hoping to keep up that momentum with his most recent album titled LAZYBOY. 2019 is far from over for Ray. In fact, Ray had so much to say that we have 2 episodes for you to get to know him better and find out what he has in store for the remainder of the year. 


Tune into today’s episode where Ray will touch on 

  1. How he balances being an engineer by day and rapper by night

  2. How he got started in the music industry

  3. How he continues to push himself out of his comfort zone to find his way through the music industry



Ray Vans


August 28th, 2019

08: An Entrepreneur's Journey of Self-Discovery with Sheri Shiver

On today's episode of “Inspired by HERstory” is Sheri Shiver. Sheri is a business and marketing coach who helps aspiring and new entrepreneurs build their business in a sustainable and profitable way.


With over 6 years of experience in business and digital marketing, Sheri has created a proven structure for her client's success that focuses on short and long term strategies as well as mindset.


Today, she shares with us her own personal journey of self-discovery as an entrepreneur and how she takes these lessons learned to help her clients build the businesses they've always wanted.



Sheri Shiver


August 7th, 2019

05: HER Journey: Leaving for Remote Year with Morgan Brown

On today’s episode of Inspired by HERstory is a mini series called HER Journey where I interview women before, during, and after they experience something outside of their comfort zone.


Today, Morgan Brown joins me. Morgan is a certified life and business coach who partners with people to build plans and take action towards their dreams. Morgan focuses on helping her clients understand one's self, face the resistance of growth and build sustainable habits for their success. Morgan's ultimate passion is coaching other dreamers to continuously choose their growth over their comfort and find joy in their every day. 

On this episode, Morgan is going to take us through HER journey as she prepares to pick up her life and move throughout the world for the next year.


Morgan Brown


July 17th, 2019

Megan is a healer. She is the gift of fearless love, and is passionate about helping others along their journey to self-discovery and self-acceptance. 


She has been teaching group fitness for a decade, instructing yoga for six and a half years, she is a personal trainer, and is a certified and trained sound practitioner. She holds a Master's of Science degree in Applied Health Physiology, a BA in Dance Performance and is an ERYT500/YACEP international yoga teacher.


Megan Hoeffner

LA Page Makeup-Podcast

December 4th, 2019

22: Using Personal Transformations to Build HER Business With Lauren Page

On today’s episode of Inspired by HERstory is Lauren Page. Lauren has been a professional makeup artist and owner of LA Page Makeup for over 9 years, continuously learning and growing both personally and professionally. While earning her beauty and theatrical makeup certificates as well as certificates in lash lifting and tinting, Lauren also offers lessons to share her wealth of knowledge with others.

During this episode, Lauren talks more about:

1. How important her client's experience is
2. How she gives her clients the confidence to shine
3. And how her personal transformation has helped her build her business

Lauren Page

Kaitlyn Casso-podcast

November 13th, 2019

19: Conquering the Fear of Trying New Things

In today’s KC Chat’s episode, I talk about how conquering the fear of trying new things can change your life. There’s so much fear behind trying something new which can be holding us back to experiencing amazing things. Trust me, I was one of them. 


During this episode I talk more about: 

  1. Why we fear trying new things

  2. What opportunities came to me once I stepped into fear

  3. And why it’s worth getting out of your comfort zone  


I hope by sharing my story of how conquering my fear of trying new things will help you do the same so you can continue to experience personal growth and live your life to the fullest. 


Kaitlyn Casso

Tana Martin-podcast

October 23rd, 2019

16: How Tana Fought Breast Cancer with the Help of Yoga

On today’s episode of “Inspired by HERstory” is Tana Martin. Tana has been practicing, studying and teaching yoga since 1993. While holding multiple yoga teacher certifications she teaches SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga and Aerial Yoga and offers Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings.


Branching out to other forms of healing, she is a Reiki Level II practitioner as well as a ReikiSound healing practitioner. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Tana also offers classes on how yoga can help the healing process for others.

During this episode Tana talks more about:

  1. What made her become a yoga teacher

  2. How yoga helped her fight her battle with breast cancer

  3. And ways to make the leap and take your first yoga class


Check out the latest on her website or read her blog here



Tana Martin


October 2nd, 2019

13: Building Relationships Through Vulnerability

In today’s KCChats episode, I get a little more vulnerable. In fact, I talk about how I’ve built so many relationships and really started connecting with others once I decided to be more open-minded and vulnerable. Not only have I been more vulnerable on social media but I’ve also connected with so many people in person which has gotten me and this podcast to where it is today.


This past year has been a year of being my true self and by doing so I have been able to build powerful relationships with amazing people which brought them on the “Inspired by HERstory” podcast so they can share their story as well. 


I hope by sharing my story of vulnerability will help you start putting your true self out there more and make your own connections with amazing people.



Kaitlyn Casso


September 11th, 2019

10: How to Show Up For Yourself Every Day with Alex Eskandari

Today on “Inspired by HERstory” is Alex Eskandari. Not only is Alex a client of mine but also a friend who inspires and motivates me every day. Alex is an entrepreneur who recently followed her dreams and became an Online Fitness Coach. Her goal is to impact as many women as possible, helping them build their confidence up and ditch diets completely!


I am very excited to share her journey with you where she talks about everything from what made her decide to start her own business, tips on how to get out of your comfort zone and into the gym, and how she uses her own personal transformation to help her clients grow each and every day.



Alex Eskandari


August 21st, 2019

07: KC Chats: How Traveling Makes You More Open-Minded

I used to be inside my own bubble for so long until I finally started traveling. Traveling has made me such an open-minded person after experiencing different cultures, languages, lifestyles, landscapes, and so much more.


Each and every time I travel I bring home with me something new that impacts me and helps make me the best version of myself. 

Listen in to hear more travel experiences I've had that has helped me become more open-minded and ways that you can too!



Kaitlyn Casso


July 31st, 2019

04: KC Chats: Making Your Dreams Come True One Step At a Time

Welcome to another episode of KC Chats where I talk about my own personal experiences of getting out of my comfort and how they've impacted my life. 


In this episode, I talk about how I made my dreams come true by taking one step at a time. Just a year ago I created the dream of photographing an international yoga retreat. By taking one step at a time I was able to make that dream come true while making, even more, come true at the same time! 


Kaitlyn Casso


July 10th, 2019

01: KC Chats: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

My life began once I started getting "comfortable" with getting out of my comfort zone. Join me as I talk about the experience that really got me out of my comfort zone and changed my life. Going from living inside a bubble to becoming an adventure seeker, find out more on my take of how getting out of your comfort zone could help you live your life to the fullest. 


Kaitlyn Casso

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